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Case Study: The SaaS Strategy That
Passively Earns Me Thousands Per Month…

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Hi there, my name’s Phil. I’m the owner and founder of several Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses…

If you had told me just a couple years ago that I would be the owner of several SaaS applications bringing me thousands of dollars in recurring income each and every month, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

You see, I always used to think that building and running SaaS applications took a dedicated team of expert software engineers, venture capital funding, or the financial resources of a huge corporation. I thought it would be way too difficult for a single person to build an application that a significant amount of people actually wanted to sign up for and use.

But thankfully I was dead wrong about all of those things.

With a bit of searching, some self learning, and a bit of dedication, I figured out a way to streamline the process of creating and building SaaS applications. All without needing teams of expert developers, V.C. funding, or a huge corporation’s backing. It was so much easier than I would have believed.

I was able to build my first SaaS business in literally just a few weeks, all by myself. And sooner than I would have ever thought possible, I was seeing my monthly recurring income grow to sizable levels.

Check out some of my results below from my very first SaaS business.

As you can see, this one SaaS application I built in weeks was able to bring in substantial amounts of income. And the beauty of it all, was that it was totally passive. Once the SaaS application was built, I didn’t need to spend all my time “maintaining” the business.

I could literally step away for months at a time and my customers would still be using the software and paying me each and every month. That’s the true beauty of SaaS applications. 

Want to see exactly how much I’ve earned from my first SaaS business and how to get started building your own?

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